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Katrinca Ford, MS, MFT, offers a playful approach to therapy for children, adults, and families.

You, your child and/or your family may be coping with:

  • • stress
  • • an accident or illness
  • • a disabled family member
  • • adoption issues
  • • divorce
  • • the death of a parent, spouse or other significant loved one
  • • understanding addiction and recovery
  • • childhood trauma

You may be struggling to deal with behaviors in your child that you do not understand:

  • • aggression
  • • poor impulse control
  • • trouble making friends
  • • low self-esteem
  • • withdrawal
  • • excessive worrying

All of these, and many other challenges, can lead an individual or family to seek therapy. Children in particular can respond to emotions they do not fully understand by acting out in ways that are disruptive to the family or community.

Play therapy can help children, adolescents, adults, parents and families to understand and communicate about emotional needs, and to strengthen their relationships.

I help children and their families communicate and heal through play. I use an extensive sand tray collection and a variety of art supplies and toys during assessment and treatment.

Many adolescents and adults also find play to be a useful addition to talk therapy as they access and express feelings. Play therapy techniques can help patients of all ages to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, especially around grief and resolving childhood trauma.

I help parents communicate more effectively with their children around any particular issues that may have brought them into therapy. I also help parents to recognize their own emotional triggers so they can find more effective ways to cope with their children’s behavior.

I offer individual or family therapy, filial therapy and/or parent coaching, depending on what will best support healing in a given situation.

Please explore the rest of the website, and contact me by telephone or email if you would like to discuss your situation. I offer a free half-hour telephone consultation.

Katrinca Ford, MS, MFT

Katrinca Ford
Helping children and their families communicate and heal through play.